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Via Borromeijpg.jpg

Building in Via Borromei, Milan 
October 2022

Works are in progress on the via Borromei’s building, Milan. Originally built in 1888 by the Biancardi, Cattaneo and Arrigoni families, owners of the homonymous pharmaceutical industry founded in 1872, the building has gone through several interventions over time. However, some valuable elements have been preserved such as the grand staircase and the original porch located in the north of the courtyard. The Upper West Architects intervention has enhanced both the common part of the building, and the different residential units distributed on different floors, through the choice of materials and the renovated style of the accommodation, which elevates the character of a prestigious residence located in the heart of the financial district of the city center.

Uffici Torino.jpg

Laboratories and offices in the Turin hinterland 
February 2022

The first phase of the building construction, on the outskirts of Turin, is completed. The buikding will be destinated to research and offices of an Italian company with a worldwide presence and active in the automotive industry. The widespread use of wood combined with some natural green surfaces, capable of living by absorbing the moisture naturally present in the air, characterize the aesthetic choices and restorativeness features of the environments. The a

Via Donizzetti_edited.png

Building in Via Donizzetti, Milan 
October 2022

This project will be soon conluded. An important renovation of a building for prestigious apartments, which has included extensive renovation and recovery of the attic. The historic plaster facade, made with the traditional graffito technique, anticipates the refined quality of the spaces and materials that distinguish all the rooms. On the roof will take place an excusiive terraces with direct views toward the octagonal drum of the neighboring Santa Maria della Passione.


Show Cooking in London  
October 2022

Under construction. This project is for a technical kitchen and a space for food presentations where a chef of a major catering-related company asked, in order to prepare, present, and test recipes to be included in the offerings of its delis spread throughout the city. In addition to the design of the image, which will be replicated in the various rooms under renovation, Upper West Architects also carried out the executive designs of the technical equipment.

Ex Palazzo Rovelli.jpg

Former Rovelli Palace    
October 2022

The construction site for this project has just started. This important historic building in the area halfway between the provinces of Milan and Como, will be returned to the community. The final destination is for the Municipal Headquarters. The building, which dates back to the late 1600s is subject to constraint by the Superintendence, and cuurently is in a serious state of disrepair. At the end of its restoration, in addition to the building, a new public square will also be built, which in the intentions of the Administration should become the new center of gravity of the town.


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