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UWA is a design office, founded in 2013 by Paolo Righetti, as a RED architectural department Spin-Off. 

UWA aims to develop projects following integrated design principles. 

UWA collaborates with most renowned national and international engineering companies.

Through the knowledge and experience of architects and professional figures that are part of the team, UWA is able to offer every kind of expertise inside the design process and the building construction.

These different activities could be carried out into one single assignment, covering the whole process, or instead could be divided into different assignments, according to the client needs, and supporting a team which is already working on the projects.

UWA could play a central role as coordinator in multidiscilinary teams, working together with different design professionals.

Having been part of international projects UWA is enabled to work as Local Architect for leading architecture offices worldwide. 

Experience and research are the main features that underpin our attitude toward architecture.

Through the experience in design and building construction UWA could offer an higly professional approach in the built environment, and enables the office to propose the best solutions and the best strategies for the client in every single step of the process.

UWA believes that research and practice are fundamental in our discipline. 

Therefore RED first and now UWA engaged since 2002 a close collaboration with DAGAD, an architecture and design research center, based until 2016 at Fabbrica del Vapore (Milan) and since 2016 at MIL (Labor and Industry museum, Sesto S.Giovanni).

Since 2015 the approach on design has been improved through Environmental Psychology, aiming to bring at the center of the project the clients and final users needs.






From 1988: architect & publicist, collaborating with various architecture firms.

From 1994: with the RED Consortium Company, served as president from 2011 to 2017.

Designed numerous buildings and participated in international teams with ARUP, Renzo Piano BW, HHMS Zurich, & Mario Botta.

In 2013: founded Upper West Architects.

From 2002 to 2016: directed the Centre for Architectural Studies at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan. Previous course professor of Public Space Architecture

at the Polytechnic of Milan and also the RagghiantiFoundation of Lucca.

Since 2015: course leader for the Design of Artifacts and Emotional Design Course at the Catholic University of Milan.

+39 348 829 5620




Architect. He studied and worked in Rotterdam, Barcelona, New York, Milan.

He received awards and prizes in several international architectural competitions.

From 2005 to 2017 he had been teaching at Polytechnic of Milan, 

Faculty of Architecture.

In 2018 he had been teachingat Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.

Since 2009 he’s been leading several self-build workshops in Italy, Portugal 

and Norway, and started a research team called “Abitare Minimo”.

+39 333 405 4078




Architect. Graduated at Polytechnic of Turin (Italy). 

Started her own practice working on several public projects, with a special
focus on Urban design.

From 2008 to 2013 she had been collaborating with  Polytechnic of Turin, researching on Social Housing and Landscape Design.

She had been consultant for the Architects Association in Turin, as a member 

of the Board for Architecture Quality.

She is collaborating with several firms, mainly in the fields of Interior 

and Contact Design. Since 2018 she is partnerof UWA Architects.

+39 333 816 6688



giuseppe cantamessa

Architect. Designed and coordinated medium and large-scale projects

at national and international levels, in the field of integrated design aimed

at creating innovative workspaces.

Fulfilled professional assignments and provided managerial consultancy

as head of development for real estate projects and initiatives 

in the residential, tourist, hotel, commercial, industrial retail, fashion,

and luxury sectors.

Since 2010, carried out research and teaching activities on the topic

of neuroscience applied to the world of architecture.

Since 2015, technical consultant to judges at the Court of Milan.

+39 335 634 2764


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